Seuns Zealth Blog: Dino Malaiye Becomes A Pastor Fails To Perform Miracles

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dino Malaiye Becomes A Pastor Fails To Perform Miracles

Senator Dino Malaiye representing Kogi west became religious and started posting some tweets Here are some of the tweets 

“If you go with God two steps, He will go with you two steps, if you go 1000 steps, He will go 1000 steps, if you go 5000 steps, God will go 5000”. 

“Seek not the praise of men but the praise of God. 

“I dwell in the exemption zone of God. I’m therefore protected. 

“Even in the times of recession, my experience will be different. 

“My God is a prosperous God so I have no dealing with poverty”. 

Immediately some Nigerians went to his Abuja home and begged him to heal them, after so much pressure he came out and prayed for 2 hours but unfortunately no miracle happened. He blamed his political enemies for conniving with the devil to bring shame to him and he also stated that the angel of darkness have overtaken his community Ayetoro-gbede which had not experience PHCN light for over 4 months now.

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