Seuns Zealth Blog: Federal Government Secretly Moves To Buy MMM

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Federal Government Secretly Moves To Buy MMM


AmeborHQ got a reliable information from a source that the federal government is secretly making a move to buy MMM in a bid to help its citizens.
The government have seen how its citizens have widely engaged in the scheme which have forced them to see the good side of the program and plans to sustain the program until Nigeria moves out of recession.

Although the CBN is still against the move because its a ponzi scheme that have crashed before in 1997 due to tax evasion by its owners, it was shut down in China and recently in South Africa.
A source in the CBN stated that

"the CBN is just scared of what will happen to the economy if the program crashes, i am not a pessimist but this type of business will one day crash and millions will lose their money, i think the CBN should just give Nigerians the go head but with a warning of the inevitable shut down."

Albert Christopher a cybercrime analyst in Harvard told AmeborHQ

"The introduction of MMM in Nigeria have significantly reduced the rate of cybercrime from 72% to 19% and that is a great figure."

We will get you updated as soon as the deal is struck.

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