Seuns Zealth Blog: Research Shows Nigeria Has The Highest Number Of CEOs In The World

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Research Shows Nigeria Has The Highest Number Of CEOs In The World

AmeborHQ just received good news concerning our economy from the Ministry Of Information.

With a population of over 180 million people, we all know that things are not are not looking good for our country, Nigeria now but in the midst of it all, good things are still happening in the Nation, according to the recent study by the World Bank.

In the recent data, Nigeria, our country occupies the top spot in CEOs per capital worldwide.

Another interesting part of this for Nigeria is that there is no sex bias when has to do with Nigerians who are CEOs, this places Nigeria above most so-called developed countries when it comes to equality and woman empowerment.

Here are the figures we got from the ministry; Almighty United States Of America have a population of over 318 million only have 400,000 CEOs whereas Nigeria, our country with a population of around 180 million habitats has more than 40 million citizens registered as Chief Executives on their own!

A Professor of Economics, (who is also CEO of his study-handouts/school and companies too), has come out to expresses his shock that the figure is not high enough.

Here is what he has to say;

"According to the CEO himself, his wife, who is also a CEO runs a cake business while their daughter is also CEO of her events management company. Their son too is also CEO of his record label, to which the son is the only artist signed, and the boy's friend and artiste featured on their son’s upcoming single is also CEO of his record label. 

CEO of a printing media in Lagos confirmed to the World Bank study by revealing that all the business cards that his company printed in the previous year were owned by CEOs".

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