Seuns Zealth Blog: Senate Approves Strange Bill Drafted By Dino Melaiye

Friday, November 4, 2016

Senate Approves Strange Bill Drafted By Dino Melaiye

We can authoritatively tell you that the Nigerian national assembly secretly passed a strange bill last week, the bill was drafted by an Apc lawmaker dino Melaiye. 

The bill made physical training compulsory for every politician, when AmeborHQ approached the lawmaker to tell us why he drafted such bill he said 

"i have noticed that most office holders in Nigeria are not physically fit and you know for you to run an office well you must be fit both mentally and physically, forget about my pot belly i am working on it too".
We must be physically fit to be able to fight to make our country better like our president and military staffs." 

AmeborHQ asked him whether he meant that lawmakers who are not physically fit are not doing their jobs well but he refused to comment further.

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